talkd is an open-source software that enables you to easily deploy any LLM available through LangChain.

We’re currently in beta, working on making it as easy as possible to deploy your own LLM.

What our customers say about us

I love the ease of use of Dialog, I was able to deploy my own LLM in minutes.

John Doe

CEO, Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is talkd.ai?


talkd.ai is an open source organization that have multiple projects. The main project is dialog, an app that allows any developer to deploy a chatGPT-like assistant in under than 5 minutes.

Who are the developers behind talkd.ai?


Our community of maintainers and developers are growing every day. The core maintainers of the project are Thiago Avelino, Vinicius Mesel, Luan Fernandes and Walison Filipe.